Mystery Tour May 2018 - Everyone loves a Mystery Tour?

Well, hopefully a memorable day for all those who attended.

Leaving Dunfermline we crossed the Forth road Bridge and headed west on the motorway, and then South towards Carlisle..  We stopped at one of the motorway services for some light refreshments and toilets, and a stretch of the legs:)


First main stop of the day was at ....

Moffat - Nestled in the heart of Southern Scotland, Moffat is a vibrant, bustling town offering the warmest of Scottish welcomes. Moffat lies just 3 minutes from the A74(M), making it a great place to visit and the perfect base for your trip around Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders - a beautiful and unspoiled part of Scotland. 


After an hour in Moffat we headed on to the main destination of the day:-

Gretna Green - one of the world's most popular wedding destinations due to its romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries, which originated from cross-border elopements stemming from differences between Scottish marriage laws and those in neighbouring countries.

Of course after a nice run out and a bit of sightseeing it was time to head off for something to eat.

Lockerbie -  Somerton House Hotel - A late Victorian mansion bears the distinctive red sandstone like much of the buildings within the town of Lockerbie. Menu choices were good, and we had taken order's on the coach and phoned through to the hotel so the meals were ready.

I think it would be fair to say we were all impressed by not only the quality of the food, but also the friendly service and pleasant surroundings.

After Lockerbie we returned home, this time taking a more scenic route and a nice chance to enjoy some of the excellent countryside.

We would also like to thank Merlin coaches for a pleasant day, the dirver was really friendly and could not do enough to help us, even gave us water and sweets to keep us going.

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