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World Kidney Day 2020

FKSG support Word Kidney Day

Due to Covid we could not support WKD this year, but hope to do so in future events.

Why is World Kidney Day Important?

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a non-communicable disease that affects 1 in 10 people worldwide. While severity can vary, CKD is incurable and causes the patient to need lifelong care. As the incidence of kidney disease escalates, World Kidney Day plays a crucial role in educating the public, the medical community and governments and encouraging prevention and early detection of kidney disease.

WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2020 - Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – from Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care.

One in ten adults has chronic kidney disease (CKD). The global burden of CKD is increasing, and is projected to become the 5th most common cause of years of life lost globally by 2040. Chronic kidney disease is a major cause of catastrophic health expenditure. The costs of dialysis and transplantation consume 2–3% of the annual healthcare budget in high-income countries; spent on less than 0.03% of the total population of these countries. In low-income and middle-income countries, most people with kidney failure have insufficient access to lifesaving dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Crucially, kidney disease can be prevented and progression to end-stage kidney disease can be delayed with appropriate access to basic diagnostics and early treatment. There is a need to increase the awareness of the importance of preventive measures throughout populations, professionals and policy makers.

This year, World Kidney Day continues to raise awareness of the increasing burden of kidney diseases worldwide and to strive for kidney health for everyone, everywhere. Specifically, the 2020 campaign highlights the importance of preventive interventions to avert the onset and progression of kidney disease.

Why do we support Organ Donation?

For a patient who is on any kind of dialysis there has to be commitment in time - treatment is typically 3-5hours plus travelling time - Think about how far your nearest hospital is, and if you couldn't drive there how long it would take you. 

A Kidney patient has to do this on average 3 times a week - and this is for life!

So, what about holidays?  Patients have to arrange holiday dialysis.  Sometimes this has to be paid up front by the patient and claimed back, treatment costs on average of £300 when abroad.  This is also dependant on available space - even in the UK where dialysis is free the nearest unit with a space could be some distance away.  For example I quite often go to stay with friends, nearest unit is 1/4 mile away, but the nearest unit with an available slot is about 12 miles away through heavy traffic.

Holiday insurance - this can be expensive - £300 is not unreasonable.

So, donation is a BIG thing for patients and is LIFE CHANGING.

However,  not every transplant is successful, and the average life of a transplant is 10-15 years and then it's either another transplant or back on dialysis.

Please consider Organ Donation, and it is important your family know your wishes so please even with the change in the law, carry a donor card .

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