The 2018 Annual General Meeting - April 8th 2018

We have changed the name of the group to Fife Kidney Support

We have done this because we want to make it clear we are not part of the hospitals, and although we try to work with the hospitals in FIFE that this group is an independent group.  Also, and more importantly, this group is for people with Kidney Disease - you do NOT have to be a patient on dialysis to join. Our aim is to cater for anyone who has Kidney Disease from first diagnosis to End Stage Renal Disease, and their families. 

We would also like to welcome Fiona Sutcliffe to our 2018 committee and we believe that Fiona will make a valuable addition to the committee.

A Life on the ocean wave! - from April's magazine

I recently met with Mr Merrick Yates, who is the Chair of Fife Sailability and who is keen to offer facilities to a wide range within the Fife community.  Sailing sessions are held a Lochore Meadows and Merrick is willing to tailor the session to the needs of the individual or group.
FKSG is anxious to promote greater levels of fitness within the Fife Dialysis group and would consider financial assistance to any members interested.
If you fancy a sail around the Loch at Lochore Meadows, please contact me - Sandy Fraser

Outings - July 12th 2017

To avoid any confusion regarding booking events, the committee have drawn up the following guidelines:-

  1. All outings are for Kidney Group members only, where the patient, wherever possible, will go free and his, or her carer/friend can accompany them at a reduced rate.​

  2. The decision on whether children can go on adult outings will be taken on an individual outing basis by the committee. Only the children or grandchildren of the member will be allowed.  The upper age limit for children is 15.

  3. The reduced rate for the accompanying carer/friend will be a minimum of 50% of the actual cost.

  4. When booking, the patient must provide their membership number on the booking form, along with an email address or a contact phone number, so that confirmation of their place n the trip can be made.  If the member has not received confirmation 7 days after posting their application, they should contact the person organising the event and make enquiries.

  5. Unless all applications are sent to the person organising the event, then their places for that event cannot be guaranteed.

  6. The booking form will carry the warning that anyone booking tickets for an outing and failing to turn up without prior notice will not have their monies refunded, and could jeopardise their involvement on future outings.

Events - who can attend - May 10th 2017

There is often discussion of who can and cannot go on trips and events, and when there is children allowed we seem to get "extended" families, this is the guidelines for future events:-

Trips are open to all members and associates - Associates are members who are NOT patients.

Patients are always free, associates will usually be charged but at a reduced rate.

please remember Fife Hospitals Kidney Support Group is an adults only organisation.

On some trips children are allowed, member's children or/and grandchildren are allowed free, you can bring other children if there is space, but there will be a small charge.

Children will always be allowed for "Family Events" which include Christmas Party, Halloween Party, Easter Egg Hunt, and usually a Summer outing. 

Outings, Access, etc... - from April's magazine

In regards to comments made regarding wheelchair access on our outings, the committee when deciding the outings for the year, try and make them as inclusive as possible, and at all times are keen to hear from patients with their thoughts and ideas, sometimes we come up against problems which cannot be resolved, for example the steam train excursion, where the carriages were built in the 60's when wheelchairs accessibility was never considered, however having spoken to the rail company they were happy to supply a ramp for disabled passengers to access the carriage and allocate those seats nearest the door to those passengers with restricted mobility, their wheelchairs stowed in the guards van.

One other area for contention is the buses for the outings, wherever possible we try and obtain disabled access buses but these are few and far between, and it is not always possible, when we cannot hire a disabled access bus we endeavour to minimise the amount of time wheelchair users are out of their chairs.

Finally, to clarify, the outings organised by the Kidney Group are for members of the group, for those patients who are not members joining is free and application forms are available in the waiting rooms - or you can download a form from this site!

Loose Lips Sink Ships? - 23rd March 2017

So, we have a meeting once a month to thrash out things like trips, what we can do to help patients like parking at Kirkcaldy, and stuff like that.  Most of this is confidential so although we don't mind people knowing what we are discussing in general, the finer points we keep to ourselves until we can commit.  One of the things we also discuss regularly is fund raising - as trips etc. don't pay for themselves!  

So as you know, we are all waiting for the new Queensferry Crossing to open when as far as we are aware there is possibly going to be a day or two when the crossing will be open exclusively for pedestrians. So, we are hoping to use this as an excuse for a fund raiser - after all, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We would just like to say at this stage, YES we do hope this is something we can do, however, just to kill a rumour, you will not have to wear any form of fancy dress - of course - if anyone who does want to dress up as a fairy - we won't stop them, but that's not what we have in mind!

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