Fife Kidney Support Group - Here to support Kidney Patients in Fife

Who are we?

Fife Hospitals Kidney Support Group is a registered charitable organisation set up in 2003  to help sufferers of kidney disease in Fife. Our committee is made up of patients and carers, but also supported by families, friends and medical professionals

What we do

We raise funds allowing us to offer different outings, from weekends away to day trips, educational meetings and other social activities to patients carers and families, at little or no cost to the patient. We are committed to promoting the organ donor register scheme.

How we can help you

If you are suffering from any form of kidney problem we can offer support and information through our regular newsletters and our website, and also by giving you the opportunity to attend different social and educational meetings and outings. Our membership allows you to access information through meeting people in the same situation as yourself. Sometimes it is the experience of others that can help you get through a difficult time. We can also help with information regarding holidays and insurance etc...

Our Patron - Jim Leishman

​Fife Kidney Support Group are pleased to announce that Mr Jim Leishman MBE, The Provost of Fife has agreed to become our patron.Jims ability to attract publicity plus his high profile will help raise the public's awareness of our Group's activities and fund raising efforts as well as drawing attention to the Kidney Donor Scheme.

Why we actively support Organ Donation

Patients with end stage renal failure only have two options in order to stay alive, either go on renal dialysis or receive a transplant. Due to poor health or a number of other reasons many patients are unable to receive a transplant. .

Subsequently they have to face either Haemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis. Haemodialysis patients go into hospital three times a week for at least three to five hours at a time.  Peritoneal dialysis is carried out at home by APD which means you are connected to a machine overnight or CAPD which is four fluid bag exchanges every 6 hours every day.

Any form of dialysis can be a  gruelling experience when the patient often feels worse before feeling better. It is very time consuming as well as being complex and demanding. We are here to support each other as much as possible and try to alleviate the ongoing difficulties faced by patients and their families. Kidney failure shows no respect to age background or creed, and can hit home to any one or their family at any time. 

Some of the outings and events provide Outings and Events where patients can meet other patients, share experiences and information
Although primarily an adults only charity, we organise some events where you can bring your children and grandchildren, and some where we just want to provide a child free environment where the adults can relax. 

Blair Drummond Safari Park

National Museum of Scotland

Pre-dialysis Information day

World Kidney Day 2018

Information days and some local events like
the Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Party, we do not normally lay on transport for these, but try and make sure they are reasonably accessible.  The reason for this is that most people have to make their own way to hospital for treatment and therefore should be able to attend local events fairly easily.
When we do organise events further away we provide pickup points across Fife, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy, Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline and Kincardine for most trips and outings

Mystery Trip

Christmas Party

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