Lets Look Back at 2018

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Scotland to Move to an Opt-Out System for

Organ Donation

The Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill was passed at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday by 116 votes to three, with two abstentions.

This is similar to the opt-out legislation that was passed by the Welsh government in 2015

Under the bill there will be a presumption of consent for organ donation UNLESS a person has indicated they do not wish to be a donor

It means there will be a presumption of consent for organ donation unless a person has indicated that they do not wish to be donors.

There will be safeguards for people residing in Scotland less than 12 months who may not be aware of the new system, and also for people who do not have the capacity to understand authorisation.

There will be at least 12 months before the new system is introduced to ensure that people have information about the new system and what their choices are.

The hopes for many Kidney patients on Dialysis is to get a transplant.

Fife Kidney Support Group Club

2019 Fund Raiser

September 12th

Details to follow SOON!

Callela Holiday

We offered a Spanish holiday at a fraction of the cost for patients and a good deal for members.   The take up was not as good as we hoped.

Although we were a small group, we all did our own thing through the day, but then all came together for dinner in the evening and discussed what we had done through the day.
The hotel was pleasant and clean, and the food was ok and plentiful.  Early in the season so it was not too hot either, so you could always cool off in the shade.
The town itself was quite Spanish with traditional markets and stalls, plenty of places to eat and drink, and the prices were ok too, not as tourist orientated as some places I've been, so even though you did see the beach shops, they were not everywhere you looked, and you did not have the usual people hounding you to buy their wares!.

Fundraising 2019

We are pleased to announce that Thompson Cooper have again selected us as their chosen charity for 2019
If you have a fundraising idea, we are always here ready to support it and help you in many ways, or if you would just like to help fund raise then drop us a line please.

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Our Facebook page is open to all RENAL patients, and their families.
We  are trying to build a community where people can discuss not just their illness, but more social things as well.  It is a place for like minded people to help each other.
We have also had a suggestion that it could also be used to organise small trips to places of interest. 
Did you know there is quite a bit of history around Fife? 
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